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Search engine optimization articles

Tech Blog is the best resource today for the latest search engine optimization articles written by some of the best search engine optimization experts from around the world. In this section, you will find a vast array of search engine optimization articles and archives that are frequently updated and posted on this blog as soon as they are released. We strongly suggest you bookmark this Tech Blog by clicking here.

Risks of keyword dilution and how to avoid them
If there is one thing that can really mess up the rankings of a website, it’s keyword dilution. I have seen sites ranking pretty well, up to the point when somebody, either the Webmaster or its site owner would try to “stuff” as many keywords or key phrases on one page as he or she could. This article tells you how to avoid this common mistake and explains in detail the right way to do it.

The top 7 SEO Myths
There are 7 top SEO myths and misconceptions we encounter everyday, out of the more than 20. In the real, true world of Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods used to obtain higher rankings, there are no shortcuts and certainly no free lunches.

Submitting your website to DMOZ - What you need to know
Today more than ever, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), there is a very important step that needs to be taken in order to help a website's visibility in the major search engines. That important step is to submit it to DMOZ, or sometimes called the Open Directory Project or ODP. DMOZ provides a lot of search results for a good percentage of the most important search engines and directories, including Google.

SEO’s seven most often asked questions
In this article, I have included the seven topics of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) I have been getting lately on search engine optimization. These seven most often-asked questions are filled with important information and what I recommend the most for achieving the best overall results in efficient brand management and increased return on investment (ROI).

Nine steps to better marketing for the search engines
If you need to write for the search engines and your site visitors too, the following nine tips can be of good help. Always remember that all search engines are like humans: they want good and relevant content that will help everybody in the end.

The "Google Dance Syndrome" finally explained
Quite a good number of people and companies realize that, in order to obtain the best Google rankings early in their search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, it is important to take all the necessary steps before and carefully plan ahead. In respect to non-fee search engine submissions, Google happens to be one of the very few left.

All you ever wanted to know about Meta Tags, but were afraid to ask
For the past two or three years, many search engines such as Google and a few others have given less and less attention, and in some cases, no attention at all to Meta Tags. The sole reason for this is simply because in the past, in the go-go days of the Internet, ie: before 2000, many web site owners and webmasters stuffed their meta tags with useless information, basically spamming the search engines.

Ranking a website for sales and performance
Ranking a website for sales and performance can be easy, if only you follow the right steps. There are no shortcuts, no easy way out, if you truly want to succeed. As with any serious undertaking, the right way to successfully optimize and position a site requires planning ahead and executing the project step by step.

All you need to know about Content Management Software (CMS)
A lot has been said about Content Management Systems (CMS) in the past. Since search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) are now such a growing part of the main marketing objectives for companies of all sizes, extra attention and caution must be used before the purchase of any such CMS software or programs.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) program management revealed
As important and necessary professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is today, other alternatives now exist to companies wishing to complement their search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Combined with a solid and well-structured, serious SEO program, SEM campaigns can be used to additionally increase visibility in the engines, as well as conducting some product-focussed marketing surveys on new services or products offered on a company’s web site.

Paying for inclusion in directories
More and more is being said today about Pay for Inclusion (PFI) and Pay per Click (PPC). There are now a good number of ways that search directories and search engines are charging companies trying to get their web sites conveniently listed on the Internet. This article will clearly explain it all.

Insurance to protect a site against a potential penalty
With the Robots.txt protocol, a webmaster or web site owner can really protect himself if it is done correctly. The inherent risks of getting a web site banned on the basis of spam increases proportionately if it appears to have duplicate listings or duplicate content. Learn how to use "insurance" against an impending penalty.

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The clear definition of SEO
You have read a lot about it, you have heard people talk about it and some of you have been asking to know more about it. Read here the true and clear definition of what exactly is termed by SEO and what it can do for you.

How search engines work
Everything you always wanted to know on the way search engines actually perform their searches and the inherent abilities integrated into modern search engines today.

Learn the great difference between search engines and directories
Before a person attemps in understanding the complex world of SEO, one must understand the very basic differences between search engines in the true world and search directories. Learn more in this section.

Difference between search engine positioning and optimization
A question we keep getting all the time is: "What is the actual difference between search engine optimization and search engine positioning"? In this article, we will explain all the important differences between both processes and how it can impact the visibility of any given web site.

How search engine crawlers and spiders function
Search engine "crawlers", "spiders" or "robots" as they are called, are always looking for new or fresh content on the Internet. They are actually the seekers of web sites & web pages. How exactly do they function? What is it they actually do? Why are they so important in the context of Search Engine Optimization? Find all the answers in this section.

Anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual web search engine
In this rare paper, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page explain the exact anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual web search engine and its main functions. This is a unique experience in understanding what makes Google function the way it does and how it got to be the number one search engine.

The robots.txt file
On certain occasions, a web site owner would rather exclude a particular page or section of his site and insure it was never linked to any other site on the Web, or even worse, indexed by a search engine. However, the robots.txt file can also exclude the whole site from its index too, if it isn't done correclty.

Keyword Marketing and all its secrets
Some people in business think they have what they feel is a successful web site. It’s large, has plenty of good, relevant content and was designed in a way to help most users visiting the site. It is also listed in most of the major search engines. But the question is, where are the visitors? Is it possible that, using a very specific keyword or key phrase they cannot find your site in most of the same search engines? Most likely, that is very often what we discover when we start making a survey for a particular client. Learn all the secrets of Keyword Marketing in this section.

Relevant keywords and keyphrases
Learn how to create a web site with relevant keywords and keyphrases (RKK) and maximize your SEO results. At Rank for $, we have been using RKK since we started and our clients are now reaping all the benefits.

Writing powerful key phrases
In this article, you will learn the proper techniques on how to write powerful key phrases for the search engines and the importance of good relevant text. But first, we need to know how to properly research these key phrases, ensuring they are the right ones. You cannot write efficient key phrases if you don't know what they are. Identification comes first. Action comes second.

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