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May 2004

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May 31, 2004:
Web services need unconstrained architecture

May 31, 2004:
Yahoo offers anti-spyware toolbar

May 31, 2004:
64-bit Windows virus spotted for the first time

May 27, 2004:
LCW Hosting Guide interviews Avantex's CEO

May 26, 2004:
Code-checking tools for better Internet security

May 25, 2004:
Banks working with police to fight online fraud

May 25, 2004:
Microsoft to launch high-performance Windows

May 25, 2004:
Yahoo revamps Messenger 6.0

May 20, 2004:
Cobol being refreshed by IBM

May 19, 2004:
Security flaws discovered in open-source databases

May 18, 2004:
Global Business Listing reduces its paid inclusion fees

May 18, 2004:
Wal-Mart adds 200 suppliers to its RFID technology

May 17, 2004:
Search engines challenge local newspapers

May 17, 2004:
Canadians using search engines more than Americans

May 17, 2004:
Intel's Prescott will end buffer overflow security problems

May 14, 2004:
Important security flaws found in Symantec Firewalls

May 14, 2004:
Critical security vulnerability in the 802.11 wireless protocol

May 13, 2004:
Longhorn will be scaled down

May 12, 2004:
BlogPulse search engine launched by Intelliseek

May 11, 2004:
Second person arrested in Sasser worm case

May 11, 2004:
Meet Thunder, the supercomputer

May 10, 2004:
Sasser virus author arrested

May 7, 2004:
Intel trying to cope with heat dissipation

May 7, 2004:
Wal-Mart tests it's new RFID technology

May 7, 2004:
Longhorn in 3D, for some anyway

May 6, 2004:
Consumers increasingly using the Web to plan trips

May 6, 2004:
How to remove the sasser worm from any computer

May 5, 2004:
Microsoft increasing investments in Web services

May 5, 2004:
A look into Google's technology

May 5, 2004:
Top researcher criticizes Apple

May 4th, 2004:
AT and T to offer MPLS

May 4th, 2004:
PayPal now offering Web services APIs

May 4th, 2004:
Sasser worm virus spreading rapidly

May 4th, 2004:
IBM beta-testing update to its DB2 database

May 3rd, 2004:
Google dumps Goldman Sachs out of its IPO

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