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June 2004

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June 29, 2004:
Slow-moving standards bodies

June 28, 2004:
Will open source rescue Internet businesses?

June 25, 2004:
Sophisticated Web attack could steal financial information

June 25, 2004:
John Kerry proposes $30 billion high-tech investments

June 25, 2004:
European online sales up across the continent

June 25, 2004:
Hitachi to build hard disk plant in China

June 24, 2004:
Comdex computer trade show cancelled by organizers

June 24, 2004:
eBay opening up Web services to the community

June 18, 2004:
Yahoo cancels corporate instant messaging

June 17, 2004:
City of Munich adopting Linux open source

June 17, 2004:
New security vulnarabilities in CVS open source tool

June 16, 2004:
Survey: Blog readers are more mature and spend more money online

June 16, 2004:
OMA releases standards for Interoperable Mobile Services

June 16, 2004:
Akamai disruption affected Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

June 15, 2004:
Updated version of Windows XP SP 2 to be ready in Q3

June 14, 2004:
Texas Instruments to adopt a unified DSL standard

June 10, 2004:
Microsoft looking at new filtering technology

June 9, 2004:
Sun Hosting launches new data center

June 9, 2004:
Businesses expect to see high ROI from RFID

June 8, 2004:
IBM secures IT services contracts

June 8, 2004:
Microsoft launches two BI accelerators for SQL Server

June 8, 2004:
Sempron, a discounted CPU from AMD

June 7, 2004:
Plexus and Explet.A virus threaten Windows machines

June 7, 2004:
Proxy enables companies to block inappropriate content

June 4, 2004:
Database server market to reach $20 billion by 2008

June 2, 2004:
Network Associates awarded antispam patent

June 2, 2004:
Web services spending to rise to $11 billion in 2008

June 2, 2004:
IT will change the world even more

June 1, 2004:
AMD launches four new Athlon 64 processors

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