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July 2004

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July 30, 2004:
Hackers now have new targets: RFID tags

July 29, 2004:
Is Bangalore overtaking Silicon Valley?

July 28, 2004:
Windows Server 2003 update delayed, causing a blow to AMD

July 28, 2004:
AMD raises price on some Athlon processors

July 27, 2004:
MyDoom virus slams Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and Lycos

July 26, 2004:
Amazon opening up its API to others

July 23, 2004:
RFID technology lowering labor costs by 54 percent

July 22, 2004:
Asianux is a Linux milestone

July 20, 2004:
IT outsourcing steadily increasing

July 19, 2004:
More new Internet Trends to come

July 19, 2004:
A new version of the Bagle virus just resurfaced

July 16, 2004:
Paper checks are a dying business

July 16, 2004:
Intel produces low-end Pentium M

July 15, 2004:
Power lines to deliver high-speed Internet access

July 14, 2004:
Mexico wants to beat China and India in high-tech

July 12, 2004:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 will be late

July 12, 2004:
Microsoft making it easier finding data on hardrives

July 9, 2004:
More and more industries to adopt RFID

July 7, 2004:
Googles taking legal action against Google

July 6, 2004:
Top 5 Internet Trends shaping up 2004

July 2, 2004:
Ask Jeeves partners with Kelkoo for shopping tool

July 1st, 2004:
Sun Microsystems licenses search software

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