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December 2003

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December 23, 2003:
For viruses and worms, 2003 was the worst year ever

December 22, 2003:
Linux ver. 2.6 provides new heart transplant

December 18, 2003:
Expect a lot more trouble with email in 2004

December 17, 2003:
1 in 7 commercial websites have errors on their homepage

December 16, 2003:
Amazon first to hire a Chief Algorithms Officer

December 15, 2003:
WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 begins testing

December 15, 2003:
Internet delivers earliest news of Saddam Hussein's successful capture

December 11, 2003:
Spam Act of 2003 not as powerful as once expected

December 10, 2003:
AMD eyes 45-nanometer transistors

December 9, 2003:
Congress finally OKs antispam legislation

December 9, 2003:
Sun to spruce up NetBeans tools initiative

December 5, 2003:
Sun to increase penetration of Linux on the enterprise desktop

December 4, 2003:
Symantec issues patch to correct security problems

December 4, 2003:
MySQL database getting more and more popular

December 2nd, 2003:
File-swapping suit won by RIAA

December 2nd, 2003:
Micropayments idea making a comeback

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