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August 2004

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August 31, 2004:
Another phishing attack for Deutsche Bank

August 31, 2004:
Apple minimizes new iMac

August 31, 2004:
Sendmail to authenticate source of e-mail messages

August 30, 2004:
Trojan horse automates phishing scam

August 27, 2004:
Worldwide server market up 6.9 percent

August 26, 2004:
Amazon releases updated Amazon Web services

August 26, 2004:
Intel introducing chipset to support Wi-Fi

August 26, 2004:
Microsoft drawing mainframe customers to Windows

August 25, 2004:
AMD processors faster than Intel's

August 25, 2004:
New antispam technology standards

August 24, 2004:
Abilene, Internet2 and IP version 6

August 24, 2004:
Nielsen/NetRatings launches MegaView Financial

August 20, 2004:
Microsoft gets second victory with Eolas case

August 19, 2004:
Advanced Micro Devices reaches manufacturing milestone

August 18, 2004:
Passports to become new high-tech devices

August 18, 2004:
Microsoft delaying distribution of Windows XP SP2

August 17, 2004:
Microsoft names 50 apps requiring SP2 updates

August 17, 2004:
Sharing calendar data with RSS

August 13, 2004:
HP and Cisco's earnings down considerably

August 10, 2004:
Demand for 64-bit chips to rise

August 10, 2004:
Sharp introduces new 3-D LCD monitor

August 10, 2004:
Canesta builds machine vision into its products

August 6, 2004:
Mark Cuban backing new search engine

August 5, 2004:
XML 2004 program announced

August 5, 2004:
The Internet beats catalogs and direct marketing by a country mile

August 4, 2004:
Oracle to make patches available for 31 security flaws

August 3, 2004:
Microsoft's 64-bit Windows Server 2003

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