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ICANN is in a pickle with its .sucks domains

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April 10, 2015

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit firm that was formed to assume responsibility for the allocation and management of domain names, IP addresses and root servers has placed itself in an awkward position, and is now asking for help to various governments.

To be sure, ICANN really opened the floodgates to a whole slew of new dot domain extensions on the internet, and now it says it desperately needs help in killing one of those dot extensions, the .sucks domains.

In a letter to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA), ICANN claims its .sucks domains are being sold to trademark owners in a predatory manner.

What's really strange in this matter is that it can't seem do anything about that thorny issue unless specific laws are being broken.

So now ICANN wants someone officially-looking to knock on doors and find out more. And if specific laws are being broken, ICANN can use that to shutdown the .sucks domains. Otherwise it can't, according to ICANN officials.

For instance, ICANN is upset that a firm under the name of Vox Populi, which acquired the rights to sell .sucks domains, is charging people US $2,500 to defensively register domains before the trolls do.

But in a strange outcome, all remaining .sucks domains go on sale to everyone from May 29, 2015.

For its part, Vox Populi, whose parent company Momentous is based in Canada, denies any wrongdoing.

However, to better understand what's going on here, it's worth clarifying that ICANN actually engineered the dot-word conundrum by allowing anyone with enough cash to apply for and create generic top-level domains, from .book to .sex.

Vox Populi claims that it paid ICANN $185,000 to apply for the .sucks extension and won it in a private auction against rival registries a few months ago.

"ICANN, through its registry agreement, may seek remedies against Vox Populi if the registry's actions are determined to be illegal," ICANN's top attorney John Jeffrey wrote in a letter to the FTC and Canada's OCA.

He added "ICANN is concerned about the contentions of illicit actions being expressed, but notes that it has limited expertise or authroity to determine the legality of Vox Populi's positions, which we believe would fall within your respective regulatory regimes."

The issue, says ICANN, is that it has no legal powers to take down Vox Populi as it stands now. But if the dot-sucks company is found to be in violation of any federal, state or provincial laws, then it would be in breach of the terms of its contract with ICANN to run the .sucks registry.

If Vox Populi or any other company breaks such an ICANN contract, the top-level governing body (in this case, ICANN) has the legal right to shut it down and cancel the domain extension.

"We can enforce the terms and conditions of our contracts with registries, but it is the responsibility of governmental regulatory agencies, law enforcement and the courts to police illegal activity," ICANN chief contract compliance officer Allen Grogan said yesterday.

"ICANN is not a regulator and we have very limited expertise or authority to assess the legality of Vox Populi's activities," added Grogan.

In late March, the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), which advises the ICANN board, described Vox Populi as "predatory, exploitive and coercive."

And in 2014, U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller labelled dot-sucks "a predatory shakedown scheme" in a a missive to the ICANN board.

"Approving '.sucks', a Top Level Domain with little or no public interest value, will have the effect of undermining the credibility ICANN has slowly been building with skeptical stakeholders," Rockefeller suggested in his note.

Vox Populi had yet to respond to a request for comment at the time of publication. Its CEO John Berard previously said that .sucks is a "cheeky domain space," and reckons it represents a key aspect of the web.

"Allowing people to speak freely and be heard about the products they buy and the companies they support is one of our main goals," said Berard.

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Source: ICANN.

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