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Intel launches its new Core i7 CPU


November 19, 2008

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Designed on a completely new architecture, Intel's generation of Core i7 CPUs are greatly different from their predecessors and have a lot of advantages over them. As part of Intel's global launch in India, there was a lavishly arranged function in Mumbai yesterday.

Prakash Bagri, Director of Marketing for Intel South Asia said "we have delivered the fastest desktop processor to the most demanding users, the ones who are using their PCs for video, gaming and music. Intel's new Core i7 processor has refined the computer of tomorrow".

There is also a much faster cache access and faster processor synchronization primitives. Intel has also implemented a new second level branch predictor to avoid situations when execution units stand idle. Yet another improvement is the cache sub-system that has been redesigned from the ground up.

There is also a second level 512-entry translation look-aside buffer. Additionally, there is a three-level cache hierarchy shared by all cores. This is vastly different from what Intel has done so far and promises to revolutionize the industry.

Intel's multi-threading technology is also featured on these new i7 processors with SSE 4.2 instructions. These are capable of handling up to eight software threads on no less than 4 processor cores. With a total dissipated power rating of just 130 Watts, these new CPUs also have energy-saving features, such as the ability to shut down unused cores if needed.

Intel's Turbo Boost technology allows the i7's cores to increase clock speeds when deemed necessary. This quad-core chip is manufactured using the 45 nm process, sporting no less than 731 million transistors.

Combined with the Intel X-58 chipset-based motherboards and with an LGA-1366 socket, the new i7 is incompatible with older motherboards. Currently, the i7 can only be used with motherboards based on the new Intel X58 chipset.

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Source: Intel Corp.

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