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June 2005

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June 29, 2005
Damaged undersea cable kills Internet access to India and Pakistan

June 28, 2005
AMD sues Intel over antitrust case

June 28, 2005
Record labels win sweeping victory against file swapping

June 27, 2005
Intellectual property fears rising for open-source

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June 24, 2005
Hewlett-Packard's new AMD laptop

June 23, 2005
CardSystems Solutions failed to secure its network

June 22, 2005
JBoss releases its new Java application server

June 21, 2005
Merging entertainment with e-commerce

June 20, 2005
The B2B business model since the Year 2000

June 16, 2005
Sun Microsystems revamps its Solaris operating system

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June 14, 2005
Phishing attacks growing constantly

June 13, 2005
Red Hat releases Fedora Core 4

June 13, 2005
Use effective e-commerce tools and you will succeed

June 10, 2005
Companies intensifying the monitoring of their outgoing emails

June 8, 2005
Trojan virus sets up multiple botnets

June 7, 2005
SQL Server 2005 to be available in November

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June 7, 2005
Outlook for SOA rapidly growing

June 7, 2005
Internet advertising totals $2.8 billion in Q1 2005

June 6, 2005
Will Microsoft's XML plans push users to look at open source?

June 3, 2005
Nokia outlines new low-cost handset

June 2, 2005
IT worker confidence weakens in May

June 1, 2005
AMD's dual-core desktop chip faster than Intel's

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