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April 2005

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April 29, 2005
Apple's new Tiger OS incompatible with Cisco VPN

April 28, 2005
Will Longhorn work on older computers?

April 27, 2005
Storage software market up three percent

April 26, 2005
Silicon Graphics sells new workstations

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April 25, 2005
Microsoft to launch 64-bit Windows later today

April 22, 2005
China rapidly becoming a major force in technology

April 21, 2005
Now its AMD's turn to release dual-core server chips

April 19, 2005
Test version of SQL Server 2005 released yesterday

April 18, 2005
Important security flaws found in Mozilla's Firefox

April 15, 2005
Many American taxpayers filing online

April 15, 2005
Microsoft talks a bit more about Longhorn

April 15, 2005
Many American taxpayers filing online

April 14, 2005
MySQL to hold its Users Conference next week

April 13, 2005
IBM technology will help cars diagnose themselves

April 12, 2005
Intel wins race to ship Dual Core processors

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April 12, 2005
New version of Crowt worm could block infected browsers

April 11, 2005
New .jobs and .travel domains cleared by ICANN

April 9, 2005
Women on the Internet in the US

April 8, 2005
AMD's dual-core Opteron processor due in April

April 7, 2005
Microsoft's new instant messaging and blogging services

April 6, 2005
VoIP needs to be introduced to consumers for it to take off

April 6, 2005
Online ad spending continues to increase at higher rate

April 5, 2005
Companies slow to move to Windows XP SP2

April 4, 2005
New security flaws in IE and Outlook

April 1, 2005
IBM to promote new Cell microprocessor

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